We need to sit rappers down & ask if everything is okay

Mandisa Nduna has some strong words for hip-hop heavyweights over the lies that have been floating around recently. 

Mandisa has always had a passion for hip-hop and wanted to be a rapper but told Afternoon Express that things only started to fall into place for her when she started being authentic and honest. It’s a lesson she hopes others in the industry will learn.

“Rappers lie, everybody lies. In this hip-hop game you lie about how much money you have, what you have. When I started approaching it with more vulnerability that’s when everything started to come together. People started listening to me also. Consumers can see through the facade. You can’t lie to people anymore. You can’t lie to your fans.”

She said that there needed to be a stocktake of the industry to ensure everyone is having fun but staying real.

“I think we need to sit down all the rappers down and ask them: ‘Are you okay?'” she added.

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