M.anifest and mum express love for each other on Twitter

Very few people have their parents following and appreciating their work  in the creative industry on social media

For some, having your parents in your online social circles is more of a bother than a necessity.

However for Madam Priscilla Nketia, having a son like Manifest and for all the things he does is a ‘blessing.’

The recent exchanges between Ghana rapper and songwriter Manifest and his mum has ‘wowed’ many online users.

On the occasion of his birthday, his mum Rev. Priscilla Nketiah wished him well in a prayer styled tweet.

She tweeted “Birthday blessings son. May the boundary lines fall for you in  pleasant places. Love you loads” to which Manifest  interestingly replied that although it was ‘weird’ his mum is on Twitter he loves her and  owes everything he had to his mum.

“I owe you everything. I love you die. Even though it’s weird you’re on Twitter” M.anifest replied his mum.

Rapper M.anifest’s mum, Rev Priscilla Nketia

Rev. Priscilla Nketia who Pastors at the Eagles Temple of the International Central Gospel Church also sarcastically replied and said although it “feels” weird, their bond is however still strong.

“I guess it #feels weird but #menewoa

She tweeted the latter part in local language, twi, to wit it is just the two of us.  Apparently the words used in the tweet ‘feels’ and ‘menewoa’ happen to be the title of  two of Manifest’s songs.

Indeed, having  your parents being supportive of your craft is  a blessing and Rev. Priscilla Nketia is definitely leading the way.


By: Jude Mensa Duncan | CitiNewsroom.com | Ghana | [email protected]


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