Ghanaian Times reporter sacked as National security takes charge of Press corps selection

General News of Friday, 23 November 2018



The team screens journalists on their perceived political affiliations

It has emerged that, Media invitation for coverage of President Akufo Addo tour of the Eastern Region were done at the behest of National Security in consultation with the Eastern Regional Communication wing of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) .

Journalists following the President in the region were selected based on their political affiliation to the Party.

Regional correspondents perceived not to sympathized with the NPP were blocked from following the President.

They were told in plain they could not join the media bus because national security and party bigwigs at the seat of government could not ascertain their political lineage.

Before NPP assumed power in 2017, invitations to national assignments were done by the Regional Coordinating Council’s PRO but the status quo has changed.

Invitation to government programs is now done by the eastern regional communication officer of the NPP ,David Prah in consultation with national Security at the Office of the President.

They screen journalists on their perceived political affiliations before they are allowed or denied joining the team.

Correspondents for EIB,Joy News,Peace Fm,Ghanaian Times, TV Africa among others are always sidelined from media team that follows the President.

A Jouranalist with Ghanaian Times Newspaper ,Ama Takyiwa Ampadu, assigned to cover the President tour in the eastern region was nearly thrown out of the media Bus on Thursday by David Prah because she was not part of the media personnel okayed by the National Security and Office of the President.

According to David Prah,Ghanaian Times correspondents in the Region have developed the penchant of publishing”negative stories” against the government.

This assertion infuriated Ama Takyiwa Ampadu who did not mince words in rebuking the NPP Regional Communication officer for his vindictive an antagonist handling of Journalists in the Region.

The incident occurred at the full glare of the eastern Regional GJA executives who are believed to be in bed with NPP .

As a result of the confrontation, the Ghanaian Times correspondent was blocked from following the President,Friday.

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