Customer service is a problem in Ghana – ICSP President

Business News of Friday, 23 November 2018



play videoYvonne Ohui MacCarthy, President of Institute of Customer Service Professionals

Customer service consultant and President of the Institute of Customer Service Professionals, Yvonne Ohui MacCarthy has stated that customer service in Ghana is problematic and must be looked at as soon as possible lets it will deter investors.

She made this comment during a presentation at the Ghana Service Excellence Awards at the British Council, Thursday, 22nd November 2018.

Madam Ohui MacCarthy stressed that to get solutions to these problems, the Institute of Customer Service Professionals with their index every year will provide training which will involve critical thinkers to educate the public on the importance of customer service providing.

‘’We also have the customer services institute, so we are able to diagnose and show you this is your problem and we have solutions for you. Where you can come and do your training or your change management, consultation, Module implementations and many more as far as customer service is concern’’ she suggested.

The Ghana Customer Service Index (GCSI) is a customer satisfaction measure that would enable organizations to benchmark their own customer satisfaction results with firms in other industries.

In this maiden survey, using online and offline data collection methods, a sample of 1,872 was achieved from respondents in 8 economic sectors; Financial institutions (bank and non-bank), Utilities, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail Malls, Public Sector Institutions and Online businesses.

In essence, the survey established a link between customer satisfaction and loyalty. It was discovered that companies with high customer satisfaction perform better on customer loyalty, and otherwise.

The survey also brought about some shocking revelations such as Healthcare which is facing a growing population and an urban middle class underserved by health care providers, the government over the years has made considerable strides in a number of important areas, including the expansion of primary care coverage. Expanded infrastructure, increased numbers of health care professionals, and a renewed emphasis on sanitation and prevention should help improve health indicators but this rather turned shocking when the healthcare was ranked the third to last in terms of providing customer service.

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