Black Friday ‘sales’ have kicked off and not everyone is impressed

South African retail stores are packed and online sites are crashing, but not everyone is convinced by the deals.

Black Friday kicked off at midnight, with retailers offering deals from 20% to as high as 90% off selected items. However, not all South Africans are happy with the offers.

With all the excitement, long queues, pushing and shoving, some felt a South African Black Friday is not worth the fuss as the discounts are not that significant. 

Retailers such as Game, Makro, Checkers, Pick n Pay and Shoprite are offering more than 50% off appliances and other products. Malls across South Africa have been flooded with consumers since last night in anticipation of the “big” sales.

Online sites such as and Zando briefly crashed during the course of the morning due to increased traffic. 

Some took to Twitter to dismantle the idea of a South African Black Friday, describing it as a “scam”. 

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