All 1,060 listeriosis victims could benefit as Tiger Brands agrees to class action

Malusi said once the court certifies the case as a class action, the liability issue would be dealt with.

“We will then have to figure out the extent of the damage and get any information that will help us quantify the damage.”

Included in the process will be medical assessments of victims of listeriosis, Malusi said.

Attorney Richard Spoor said the positive aspect about the case was the fact that Tiger Brands, who is the respondent, is not opposing it being classified as a class action.

Spoor said: “It’s interesting and unique. This is quite a good and positive sign. What’s more important is that class actions can be good for victims and respondents. It can be for the benefit of both Tiger Brands and the victims,” Spoor said.

He said despite the company and lawyers agreeing on the classification of the case, a judge would still need to make an order to that effect.

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