Des van Rooyen can’t differentiate between his staff, state capture inquiry told

Chairperson of the commission deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo brought it to Fuzile’s attention how impractical it was for a person to confuse people right in front of him.

“How does one make that mistake?” the chairperson asked.

Fuzile replied: “The way things were unfolding in front of my eyes, it did not look like they had known each other for too long. It also did not look to me that most of what Mr Van Rooyen was saying was original. If I know people very well and I know two roles that I want to assign them, I don’t need to see their faces to know that person A is going to be this and person B will be this.”

Fuzile said a lot did not make sense at the time. 

“You don’t expect that while we are sitting here, someone can just walk in naked. It is not how we have been socialised. A lot of what we talk about here, we sound like we have lost our senses because some of the things just don’t make sense.”

He testified that Bobat had introduced himself to Van Rooyen as an advisor at the Union Buildings, just before he was sworn in as minister.

However, Fuzile added there was no contract, as required, that he signed appointing Bobat to the position of advisor.

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