Calvary Baptist Church set to climax year-long Jubilee celebration on December 9

General News of Thursday, 22 November 2018



play videoRe. Fred Deegbe, Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church of Ghana will bring to an end its celebration of 50years of existence on December 9, 2018, with a mega thanksgiving service.

The Service will end a series of activities organised since December 2017 to mark its 50 years since it was set up.

The celebration has been characterised with donations to less privileged, evangelism and outreach programmes among others.

Senior Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, Reverend Fred Deegbe speaking to highlighted the contribution of the Church to the spiritual growth of well-meaning Ghanaians.

He mentioned Founder of International Central Gospel Church Pastor Mensa Otabil and Founder of Fountain Gate International Reverend Eastwood Anaba as some renowned Church leaders amongst many who were once part of his congregation.

He disclosed that a key secret to the growth of the Church over the years has been their reliance on four principles.

As a mission of the church within the next couple of years having celebrated 50 years of existence, Reverend Degbe revealed plans by the Church to venture into the educational sector.

The Founder made known the intention to establish an educational institution from the basic level to higher educational institutions.

He noted this was a strategic way to rebuild the value system of the society which seems to be losing grounds in recent times.

“I think we have laid a solid in this 50 years and anybody who wants to build this big building must start with a strong foundation. A strong foundation of integrity, of the word, we now have a lot of youth and we think having an educational institution to train our people will serve this nation very well” Reverend Deegbe stated.

“We have been blessed so much as a nation but there is very little to show for it, that we can do more. We want to build the can-do spirit in our people who to borrow from another generation who will have commanding heights of the economy and be thought leaders, moral leaders who will show by their entrepreneurial skills by the small things they are able to do who think globally. Today by the advent of the internet what can’t you do? You can be in Ghana, in your small room and make waves” he explained.

Calvary Baptist Church is the first indigenous Baptist Church in Ghana. It has blossomed from humble beginnings of starting in a garage to numerous branches across the country.

It was initially referred to as the English-speaking Baptist Church of Accra.

Reverend Fred Deegbe is expected to bring his service to the Church as the Senior Pastor to an end soon and the position taken over by another pastor of the Church.

Talking about his legacy, the renowned religious leader insisted he wishes to be to be known as the Pastor who was faithful to his maker.

The Senior Pastor, however, added that his successes chalked whiles leading the Church should be considered as a collective effort as various people played various roles to bring the Church to its current state after 50 years.

“Having led the Church, sometimes it is presumptuous to think that you did it all by yourself. Yes you lead but if you didn’t have the support of people probably you would never have achieved those things so it is always difficult to take credit for – I did this, I did this, I did that. I lead people, they cooperated with me and together we did this to the glory of God” he asserted.

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