Black Friday: Only 5% of us don’t see what the fuss is about

In less than 24 hours, South African retailers and online stores will be inundated with customers trying to make the most of this year’s Black Friday bargains.

Mega retailers such as Game, Makro, Pick ‘n Pay and online store have Black Friday specials offering discount prices before, during and after Black Friday. 

According to discount site, 66% of South Africans are expected to take part in Black Friday.

A survey conducted by the site between October 25 and 31 used internal data from their platform to reveal South Africans’ perceptions of Black Friday.

It revealed that 87% of shoppers have intentionally saved money to spend on the day. Two percent of the survey’s respondents said they would have to pay in instalments, while 11% felt they earned enough to indulge in the Black Friday spoils. 

According to the research, about 40% of consumers are looking to pick up two or three items, while another 40% intend to splurge on five items or more. 

About 64% of consumers want to buy goods for themselves, while 47% will buy household items.

A whopping 95% are confident in the Black Friday discounts, meaning that just 5% don’t see what all the fuss is about.

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