Athletics SA suspension of KwaZulu-Natal board goes ahead

Athletics SA (ASA) has won the battle against KwaZulu-Natal Athletics (KZNA) board members who withdrew their urgent application from the court roll on Thursday morning.

ASA confirmed in a statement on Thursday afternoon it had suspended the KZNA board and had appointed an administrator to run their affairs.

“As such‚ their suspensions stand and they [the suspended board members] are expected to adhere to the terms of the suspension as contained in the notice served on them on November 16.

“Furthermore‚ the appointment of the administrator remains valid and he will take charge of the affairs of the association forthwith.”

ASA said the boardroom wars would not affect KZNA staff.

“There will not be any interruption‚” ASA CEO Richard Stander said in the statement.

Stander added the administrator would remain while an investigation was held into “apparent irregularities” within the administration of KZNA which could result in disciplinary proceedings.

He also pointed out that KZNA board members had been uncooperative after ASA told them to offer reasons why they should not be suspended.

“The KZNA board members‚ rather than motivating why they ought not to be suspended‚ challenged the authority of ASA and the procedure adopted by the General Council in reaching a decision to so suspend.

“In the circumstances no reasons against their suspension were furnished …

“Subsequent to the suspension notice having been served on board members‚ certain of the board members responded thereto and agreed to be bound by the terms of such notice whilst other members simply refrained from responding‚ presumably on account of the interdict application‚” said Stander.

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