Three of the funniest moments from Trevor Noah’s Son of Patricia

Trevor Noah’s second Netflix special made its debut on Wednesday, November 20 and judging by the initial reaction after just one day of it being aired, the South African comedian has another hit to add to his damn long list of accomplishments.

Named Son of Patricia, the comedy-special gets it name from a lesson Trevor’s mom passed on to him as a child. In the show, Trevor explains that growing up in apartheid South Africa, and being victim to racial abuse, he asked his mom how to react to racist slurs. She told him to redirect his anger. Trevor said its a lesson that he’s carried with him and an idea that is sewn together carefully throughout his latest offering.

While the show is over an hour long, which means it is filled with a constant stream of belly-aching lines, there are some moments that really got us.


Trevor speaks about a recent trip to Bali with a group of friends and how he felt guilty for going on a ‘traditional Balinese tour’ inside a man’s house. Soon enough the comedian found himself with a group of other tourists watching a snake whisper attempt to show off his skills. Trevor said that he made sure he was at the back and a French man couldn’t understand why he was afraid of snakes. Well, when things went wrong, Trevor had his moment.

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