Okha’s Rational & Irrational side tables

At first glance, the Rational table appears to be absolutely reductionist: a simple structure of vertical and horizontal planes. But its appearance belies a more complex character — it’s light in appearance but heavy in reality.

The separate components also don’t quite meet at the edges, rather missing one another by millimetres. “The resulting dynamic is one of quiet visual arrest,” comments Court. “It’s an assembly of elements, a visual Haiku, the fewest amount of syllables expressing the maximum possible,” he adds.

Irrational stands slightly taller than its counterpoint, with one marked difference: a play on negative space courtesy of circular precision cut-outs. “The rows of circular cut-outs reminiscent of roadside braille lend a Jean Prouvé feel,” comments Court.

Again the industrial initial impression is misleading as it’s most certainly a luxury item.

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