Five ways Chiefs can halt their winless run against Pirates on Saturday

3) Mark Xola Mlambo and Ben Motshwari out of the game

This is where Katsande and Ntsangase’s role should be clearly defined.

It will take a lot for the two central midfielders to keep their counterparts steady but if they can do‚ Chiefs will have a chance.

Mlambo and Motshwari do not only sweep dangerous moves against their team in the middle but if left with space they supply great passes to their forwards.

So restricting their time on the ball should help Chiefs in dominating the match and creating chances of their own.

It’s not going to be easy but that’s where the game is likely to be won and lost by either team.

4) Beware of Augustine Mulenga’s runs around the area

Mulenga plays as a decoy striker in the pockets in and around the area‚ leaving his striker partner Justin Shonga‚ alone upfront.

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