Chipotle offers to rehire ‘racist’ manager

The Washington Post reported that Moran denied being a racist and said: “I feel I’m a genuine person and helpful, I thrive from making people happy.”

Chipotle fired Moran in an apparent bid to gain favour with the public. But that was not the end of the story. People dug up old social media messages posted by Ali. They unearthed remarks he allegedly made a few years ago about eating at restaurants without paying, also known as “dining and dashing.”

The tweets then went viral on social media.

A July 2015 tweet read: “Dine and dash is forever interesting.” In July 2016, a post from the same account stated: “Aye man I think Chipotle catching up to us fam … should we change locations.”

It turns out, Ali was known by restaurant staff as a customer who eats and runs. Moran said this was why she had been hesitant to serve Ali before he had paid for his meal.

On Monday, The Washington Post reported that Chipotle had apologised and offered Moran her job back.

The company said: “We will work to continue to ensure that we support a respectful workplace for our employees and our customers alike.”

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