Ayanda Borotho explains why she has a no English policy in her house

Isibaya actress Ayanda Borotho has a strict “zero English policy” in her house, claiming it can erode her mother tongue.

Ayanda took to social media recently to post a quote about English not being a sign of intelligence and explained her stance. She said it was her personal feeling and she wasn’t judging people who thought differently.

“I honestly don’t want anyone feeling judged by this post, these are my personal views and no one has to do what I prescribe to in my life. Anyone that knows me well will know that I have a zero English policy in my house. I went to model c schools from standard 1/ grade three and I never spoke English at home. 

“A few years ago my now 5-year-old son was ready for nursery school. After 2 weeks of going, I took him out. The fact that English had begun eroding his mother tongue freaked me out. I have delayed nursery school for this reason.”

She said all her children speak Sotho and Zulu as their default language.

She also recounted how her sons had started swimming classes last year and their instructor picked up that they did not speak English. She responded by saying he was a “mo sotho boy born of a Zulu mother. He speaks his languages.” 

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