AfriForum wades into family’s battle with Ford over deadly Kuga fire

Renisha said they were fighting Ford as she believed the company had to take responsibility for the safety of their customers, which she described as a “ticking time-bomb”, and to ensure that nobody else suffered the same fate as her brother.

“It has damaged my family. My mom really struggled … It’s been a difficult journey,” she said. “I just hope that it comes to an end so that our family can actually grieve. We haven’t had a chance for that. It’s just been fighting from day one to get some form of justice.

“Everything financially has been put into this matter,” she added. “Even though Ford has the deepest pockets and we don’t, we will not stop until they take responsibility for what they’ve done.”

Nel claimed that Ford warned the family during earlier meetings that they had “deep pockets”. He called Ford a “corporate bully” and said the last time the company spoke directly to the Jimmy family was when former CEO Jeff Nemeth was still in charge. He returned to the US in March 2017.

“When Jeff Nemeth left the country, Ford decided not to talk to the Jimmy family again – not at all,” said Nel. “The first discussion about the Jimmy family happened when we got involved.

“For a company just to sit back and say, ‘I will not deal with this’, for me that is the issue at hand. That’s why we perceive the treatment as bullying.”

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