IN MEMES | That last shot Harriet Khoza took SNATCHED Mzansi’s wigs!

First of all, greetings in the name of the only queen we all recognise on these social media streets, Harriet Khoza. Secondly, last night’s episode of The Queen has just opened Dezemba. We don’t care what the calendar says. And that last shot gave the whole country so much life!

That woman gave us real television last night and what a stellar performance!

After weeks of building up, last night the Kamina “the mole” storyline reached the peak and man, it was glorious! Harriet (played by Connie Ferguson) finally confronted Kamina who was caught red handed on the phone with the Khozas’ arch enemy Diamond.

Long story short, Kamina pulled out a gun with the intention to kill Harriet. She got cocky and lost her focus after making a phone call to gloat that she’s about to kill Harriet, then got shot twice by Harriet.

Look, we aren’t even going to ask questions about anything like when and where did Harriet get a gun, all we care about was that last shot Harriet took – net vir daai ding!

Twitter broke into memes to celebrate the death.

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