IN MEMES | Linda has lost everything & Twitter wants her to run!

If Housekeepers‘ Linda loses anymore people in her life ,Twitter will lose its chill and track down Portia Gumede and her team of writers who are responsible for the tragic life of the lawyer-come-maid in the drama series.

Since the beginning of Housekeepers, Linda has lost her mother’s inheritance, her mother, her friend and on Monday – in what was the last straw for tweeps – she lost her baby brother, Mthoko.

At this rate, the Zwide’s have literally taken away anything and anyone that Linda has ever cared about.

Linda is at a point where she has nothing left to lose, but Twitter want her to walk away because they have had enough heartbreak from watching her sad life.

They had just the right memes to mourn Mtho and tweeted their hearts out on what they wished Linda could do. But knowing that hot-headed girl, she’s preppin’ for world war III and the Zwide’s don’t even know!


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