Police claim successes for Operation Thunder

Jula said that the province was short of 1‚500 police officers.

Chairperson Mark Wiley (DA) asked that the police release statistics on the guns that were sold by corrupt police (the Prinsloo case).

“The Prinsloo case has undermined public confidence in surrendering arms to police custody‚” said Wiley.

Vearey said the single largest supply of guns had come from Prinsloo. He said the approximately 800 guns that had not been discovered “are continuing to kill people at an alarming rate”.

MP Patronella Zingisa Lekker (ANC) asked about the police operation in informal settlements like Marikana where there are no street lights or roads. “I am not hearing much as to successes in relation to the crimes that are taking place particularly in Marikana and Lower Crossroads‚” said Lekker.

Jula said he could not give statistics on the results in Marikana but said the “results are outstanding”.

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