Maps Maponyane shares his heartbreak over a failed business

Maps explained that it was a tech business centred around niche music markets and that he had sacrificed a lot to keep alive.

“It was on the brink of death numerous times and just kept resuscitating it with every chance we could. Promises being made, and not being kept. Waiting on people to pull through for you to survive…and making a plan to cut everything else to keep it alive in any way possible.”

The model said the business became exhausting for him and a source of frustration for him.

“Eventually, with every option exhausted, just like everyone involved trying to get it back on its feet and running comfortably, it had to be put on life support. By then the frustration is too much, you’ve done everything you can, and you just have to close your eyes and let go.”

Maps said in the spirit of keeping it real on these social media streets, he felt it important to share his journey and his failure. He said that he had decided to bag the lessons and soldier on.

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