Lies, errors and corrections – 5 politicians who told ‘untruths’

President Cyril Ramaphosa can be added to the list of politicians who have not been 100% accurate with public statements made. Ramaphosa recently corrected a statement he made regarding money received from BOSASA.

Other politicians have made headlines this year for their public statements which were later disproved.

Here’s a list of just five politicians who have made headlines.

President Cyril Ramaphosa

When DA leader Mmusi Maimane alleged that R500,000 had been transferred from a BOSASA account to that of the president’s son, Andile, Ramaphosa said he had discussed the matter with his son. 

“I proceeded to ask my son what this is all about. He runs a financial consultancy business and he consults for a number of companies, and one of those companies is BOSASA,” said Ramaphosa at the National Assembly.

“I asked him at close range whether this was money that was obtained illegally and he said this was a service that was provided,” the president added.

Ten days later, the president wrote a letter to National Assembly Speaker, Baleka Mbete, correcting this statement. 

After investigating the matter further, Ramaphosa found that the “donation” had in fact funded his presidential bid, and “does not relate” to his son’s BOSASA contract.

“The donation was made without my knowledge. I was not aware of the existence of the donation at the time that I answered the question in the National Assembly,” wrote the president.

The DA has asked Ramaphosa to provide complete details about donations from BOSASA and exactly what BOSASA got in return, if anything.

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