EFF, BLF hold different pickets against Gordhan

Meanwhile, BLF deputy president Zanele Lwana said the party would not join hands with the EFF, charging that the red berets’ fight with Gordhan was just a means to settle political scores.

“When president Zuma fired Gordhan, it was them (EFF) that marched hand in hand with white monopoly capital calling for Pravin to be reinstated.

“Now evidently they have had a fallout with Pravin, this is why the leader of the EFF is quite vocal about (their call) that Pravin must resign – not because of principle or fighting white monopoly capital, but to settle political scores. The organisation is not genuine,” said Lwana.

On their reason for the staging the picket, Lwana said Gordhan was conflicted and should not be in government.

“It means that under his leadership we are going to see the swift privatisation of the SOEs (state owned enterprises) in this country, like SAA, like with Eskom being sabotaged and the agendas of the IPPs (independent power producers) are being pushed and demonising the nuclear agenda which is way cheaper,” she said.

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