Another one? Twitter reacts to De Lille’s new party

Patricia de Lille has announced that she is starting her own political party to contest in the 2019 elections and Twitter had mixed opinions about the decision.

The embattled former mayor is forming her own party after resigning from her post in October. Earlier this year, De Lille took her former party, the Democratic Alliance (DA) to court for revoking her membership. 

Her war with the DA dominated headlines in the past few months. De Lille said the DA had “used and abused” her. 

De Lille is expected to announce the name of her party in two weeks time. “I am not on any chronic medication at my age. I really have a lot of energy left. So it is time for a new political party,” she said at a media briefing in Cape Town on Sunday. 

This is not the first time that the former mayor has started a political party. She established the Independent Democrats in 2003. The party then merged with the DA in 2010 to strengthen the opposition. 

De Lille said her new party will contest in all nine provinces in the 2019 elections.

The announcement had Twitter questioning her political career.

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