See How Young Woman Overpowered Thief Who Was Tring To Rob Her (Photos)

A female jiu-jitsu expert wrestled a thug who reportedly tried to rob her. The woman pinned the suspected thief to the ground in an arm lock, drawing out screams, and held him for 20 minutes until police arrived.

The scene was recorded by an onlooker in the Jorge Teixeira neighbourhood of Manaus, in Brazil.

Local media report 22-year-old Sabrina Leite had been in front of her house when two men on a motorbike came up to her.

She says that one of the unnamed men, 18, got off the bike and walked up toher before telling her to give him her mobile phone.

Leite said: “I could feel that they didn’t have anything (weapons), they just arrived scarily saying ‘pass the phone’. I saw they didn’t have anything and that’s why I reacted. If they had been armed I would never have reacted.”

She reportedly threw her phone into her house and the suspect then reportedly got scared and tried to flee on the motorbike. Leite says her neighbour was passing in his car and saw the man running to the bike so he drove into the suspect.


She said: “He was running away. My neighbour went after him in the car and reached him.

Then I ran and immobilised him with a sleeper hold, I lay on the ground and put him in an arm lock.”

She told local news outlet G1 she learnt the arm lock through practising jiu-jitsu.

She added: “It’s all a question of technique. I have been training for four years, I’m still a white belt. Ranking and belts don’t matter to me.”

She says she spent 20 minutes on the ground with the suspect until the police arrived.

The suspect was arrested and will respond in court for attempted robbery.

Local media report the suspect will soon be transferred for a custody hearing.

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