Narcos: Mexico | The tale of a Mexican S’African blown away in Bilbao

“We wanted to meet with you because we want to know why in all of Spain you want to go to Bilbao,” the gentleman who stared me dead in the eye from across the table said.

I won’t lie, I felt like I was being interrogated exactly like things go down on Narcos: Mexico.  

Note to self: stop watching so much series or you risk your life becoming one.

It takes something to get me hooked on a series and when I find it, like Netflix’s Narcos, I can’t let go. So when I was told I was heading to Spain to interview the cast of the fourth season of Narcos: Mexico, it felt like Christmas had come two months early. 

The series tells the story of the drug trade and formation of the cartel in Mexico so I needed to prepare.

After many hours of studying scenes from Narcos, I decided a leather jacket and my obsession with the series was all the prep needed. 

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