I’m a South African but a citizen of the world

Yvonne Chaka Chaka aka Princess of Africa is set to be honoured at the 5th All Africa Music Awards (Afrima) in Ghana for her lifelong work as a philanthropist and outstanding music career.  

“I felt very humble and it was just a good feeling. It’s always interesting when the continent realises and appreciates the work that one does. Not only me but other musicians as well because when I do the work I don’t do it alone and the music for me is always done for the people as well.”

Asked if she felt that other African countries have honoured her more than Mzansi, Yvonne said she didn’t see it that way because she belonged to Africa and SA is a part of that.

“I am a South African but I am a citizen of the world and Africa is my home. So when people from Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya etc honour me, it still feels like the honour comes from home. Although I am a proud South African, I am a part of Africa and Africa is a part of me.”

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