Here’s what Khanyi does to Tebogo in their free time

What is the craziest thing your lover has “tested” on you? There’s nothing we haven’t seen on these social media streets. Anything from make-up to food goes all in the name of #relationshipgoals and Khanyi Mbau’s bae Tebogo Lerole seems to be winning in that department.

There’s no denying that boyfriend’ing/girlfriend’ing is hard work with all the emotions involved, but when you are dating your bestie, the rest of the time should be nothing but fun times. And it seems Tebogo and Khanyi have that on lockdown.

Tebogo shared some of the funny stuff he has to do as boyfriend, like having your bae test her upcoming hairstyle on him.

“The fun part of being in a relationship as a guy; I am always the guinea pig, literally everything you can think of is tried and tested on me. Today she’s creating a mushroom hairstyle and tomorrow will be something else. I can’t even say no because I am a guy, I am older, I am taller and I am brown,” Tebogo said.

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