No sign of Christmas truce as more charges laid in DA v De Lille slugfest

She added: “I don’t have the ability to manufacture an SMS. I have opened myself up in handing over my cellphone, many, many months ago. I wouldn’t have done that if it was false.”

McKenzie said: “There is a question that De Lille has avoided for months, a basic question on whether she sent an SMS or not. We cannot be seen not to be doing the right thing. The right thing is for charges to be laid and if De Lille continues to not tell us, the investigating authorities will have to find out whether or not it is the case.”

But De Lille scoffed at the charges and described the DA as “schizophrenic”.

“They speak with forked tongues,” she said. “Under oath, James Selfe [the DA federal chairman], after I went to court to compel them to give me the evidence, said the DA cannot give the evidence on all the Steenhuisen allegations because all the DA’s internal meetings are private and confidential. You have to be circumspect of how these people use you [the media].”

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