Opposition parties threaten legal action on land expropriation

“If we are going to meet our constitutional mandate‚ we have to understand what was contained in the written submissions – and you can’t understand that from the contents of this [draft] report‚” said Breytenbach.

The African Christian Democratic Party’s Steve Swart agreed‚ saying that before considering the draft report‚ MPs need to first seek clarity on the written submissions.

The pro-expropriation MPs disagreed‚ however.

Led by the United Democratic Movement’s Mncedisi Filtane‚ they argued that the DA and others were deliberately delaying process because they were opposed to it.

Filtane said it didn’t make sense that MPs complained about the quality of the presentation by the service provider‚ but now wanted a quality report from the same service provider they discredited.

After the chaotic presentation by the service provider six weeks ago‚ committee co-chairperson Lewis Nzimande told MPs they could go to the storeroom and go through the written submissions for their own satisfaction.

On Thursday‚ he tried to assure MPs that the draft report had captured the written submissions‚ as well as the views expressed in public hearings in venues across the country and in the oral hearings held in parliament.

The committee will meet again next Thursday.

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