Ghana is good at planning but poor at implementation – Minister

General News of Friday, 2 November 2018



Professor George Gyan-Baffour, Minister of Planning

The Minister of Planning, Professor George Gyan-Baffour, has said Ghana is a poor policy implementer. Ghana he opined is very good at planning but poor when it comes to the implementation of the plans.

The minister said the reason why we are not good at implementing is that, planning is backed by resources, the timing of the planning is as important as the planning itself.

That is why the president has decided to take steps to ensure that, plans are well executed under his administration.

He was responding to the decision by the United Nations (UN) to support Ghana with 441.6 million dollars to enable the West African country tackle development challenges in education, health, agriculture, sanitation and other key areas in order to improve the livelihood of the people.

The UN will also partner the country to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by it in the various areas.

He underscored the importance of the SDGs to the attainment of the country’s total development plans. “The government has a responsibility of achieving the SDGs through national development strategies, enlisting the support of civil society, the private sector and the development partners.

Agricultures he stated would receive 50 million dollars, the private sector will receive 21 million dollars to help the sector create descent jobs, social services including education, health and others is expected to receive 125 million dollars and 36 million dollars to be used for the marginalised society.

The money he said was spread in these specific areas in order for the country to have positive impact.

Dubbed: the UN Sustainable Development Partnership (UNSDP), the initiative is meant to support the country to align the activities of UN agencies with national development strategies.

The partnership framework, also set out in the UNSDP, brings together the efforts of more than 20 UN agencies in Ghana to provide coherent and efficient support for key sectors of the local economy.

In particular, the UNSDP focuses on four thematic areas: a shared prosperous economy, social investment in people, a protected and safe environment and inclusive accountable governance.

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