it’s real a thing & women are scared

Weave snatching has become a common act as culprits see a lucrative market in re-selling the weaves. Just recently eyewitness recalled that when Sbahle Mpisane was involved in a near-death accident, a woman removed the socialite’s wig and fled the scene.

Weaves can cost between anything from R1,000 to R10,000 depending on the quality and length. Hair extensions made with 100% natural hair cost much more than those made with synthetic material. 

Ntaoleng Lechela (23) described to TimesLIVE how her weave was almost snatched in Sandton. “I was on the platform at the Gautrain station in Sandton. As I’m boarding the train, I feel someone pulling my hair from the back. My weave is glued down in the front and I can feel someone pulling it back, trying to remove it. I turn to see who the person is and they start walking away. I follow her asked ‘why are you pulling my hair?’ She said she was just trying to feel the texture and walked away.”

Women who have been targeted say they feel more vulnerable in crowded areas like city centres, malls and train stations. 

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