It was getting difficult to keep up

Despite being cyber-bullied over his weight for years, Heavy K has made it clear that his decision to get fit has nothing to do with the criticism and is a personal decision. 

In an interview with TshisaLIVE Heavy K explained that his decision to join the gym and start eating healthier was definitely not because cyber-bullies got the better of him. He said he realised that his weight was getting in his way of giving his absolute best in music.

“I’m real about things that really matter to me. I told my team I am going to start gym now, not because of anything but because I felt it was the right time.

“To be honest I made the decision after I realised that it’s getting difficult to handle my schedule or all my gigs. My road manager, Amos, would book maybe five performances in one night and I used to blitz through them but it was getting increasingly difficult to keep up. By the time I would get to the last one, I would feel like I can’t breathe properly. I would feel like the space in between my lungs is closing up and air can’t get through.”

Heavy K said he was not going to sit by and watch his health deteriorate just because he wanted to prove his cyber trolls wrong. Therefore, he decided to make a few changes to his diet and way of living.

A decision he said was motivated by the desire to always be his best as an artist, and as father and husband.

“I am not going to be ashamed about making that decision because I think people on social media are going to say, ‘Oh we trolled Heavy K until he couldn’t take it anymore and he joined a gym!’ But I’m not gonna just sit here or wait to be struck by a stroke just because I’m scared of what people will say. I made that promise to myself.”

Heavy K said he didn’t want to ever have to miss a performance because he  didn’t do a better job of caring about his health.

However, he’s not looking to be skinny or change so much that he has to change from ‘Heavy K’ to ‘Light K’. Instead Heavy K’s looking at people like DJ Fresh for body goals.

“I don’t want to be skinny; I’m looking at people like DJ Fresh as goals. Because I want to still be Heavy K. People were even asking me if I am planning a name change along with my ‘new body’ but I am not. I would just like to be a healthier version of myself. The truth is I love my body, I just need to get healthier and fix the tummy, mkhaba must fall.”

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