Africa media urged to play lead role in development

Caesar Abagali, GNA

Beijing (China), Oct.
22, GNA – Dr Zhao Lijun, Director of Education and Training Centre of the China
International Publishing Group (CIPG), has appealed to the media in Africa to
play the lead role in promoting existing co-operation between China and Africa.

She said there is the
need to play responsible roles in putting out useful information that would
continue to unite their respective countries and attract more investments into
Africa’s socio-economic development efforts.

She made the appeal at
the opening of a three-week seminar for renowned commentators and columnists of
major media organizations in Africa.

The seminar, which
brought together participants from Ghana, Liberia, Uganda, Gambia, South Sudan
and Ethiopia would provide a platform for effective discussion on China-Africa
relations, aimed at enhancing the traditional friendship between China and
African countries.

It would also promote
human resource development as well as economic and social development.

Dr Lijun said China
would continue to partner African countries in its development agenda,
including its human resource as well as foster good relations.

She said the media
serves as the lenses and mirrors of societal development and urged that media
tools must be used responsibly to ensure unity among its citizens and other

Mr David Mukholi,
Managing Editor of New Vision Group of Uganda, who spoke on behalf
participants, said there is the need for mainstream media to continue
exhibiting high professional standards to distinguish itself from social media

He said social media
has come to stay where everyone has become a journalist and breaking news is
being reported all the time with the only difference being the professionalism
placed on stories from the traditional media, which must be guarded jealously.

Mr Mukholi commended
the Chinese government for placing high premium on building the capacity of the
media in Africa saying the media would continue to tell “The China story” to
cement the long standing relationship for development.

Topics to be discussed
include the successful practice and world significance of china’s reform and
opening-up, the role of the media in building the China-Africa destiny
community and a report of global news in Chinese mainstream media.

The trip includes
visits to the Digital Media Centre of China International Publishing Group,
China Science and Technology Museum and a visit to the Temple of Heaven as well
as the Xinhua News Agency.

There would also be a
forum on: How the famous African Media see coordinated development.


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