Murder accused Megan Prins tells court she sat with son’s body all night and tried to kill herself

“She sent an SMS to a friend and informed her that she had given her son sleeping tablets and that she was going to commit suicide. She used a pillow and her body and suffocated her son until he was no longer responsive‚” his affidavit reads.

“She then tried several times during the night to commit suicide‚ but her attempts were unsuccessful.”

Munsamy described how Prins had asked for a late checkout and when that window lapsed‚ the guesthouse owner had grown concerned. She had raised the alarm after Prins had called her to the room.

In support of her bid for bail‚ Prins described herself as a battered woman suffering from depression.

In an affidavit‚ she described her precarious financial position and that the bank had threatened to foreclose on her Morningside flat.

“I felt completely helpless and abandoned. Everything that I tried to do to maintain my child and without the assistance of [her ex-boyfriend and father of Sloan] was in vain as we were about to lose our home‚” it reads.

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