Bheki Cele issues stern warning to Westbury gangsters

The protests turned bloody when scores of locals were shot and wounded by police with rubber bullets earlier in the week. A police nyala was almost petrol-bombed.

For the past few days‚ the streets in Westbury were littered with rocks‚ rubble‚ garbage and empty rubber bullet and teargas cases.

This was Cele’s second visit to the area this week.

“We are here to arrest drug lords‚ we are here to arrest murderers‚ we are here to arrest thieves and rapists. There shall be no space for criminals in this community anymore‚” he said.

Cele said they would make sure they left no stone unturned and “squeeze” criminals out.

“If gangsters want war‚ don’t shoot women‚ don’t shoot children or mothers‚ here are the people you need to face‚” he said of the TRT.

“If they want to play with their toys‚ they can come and face us. These guys [officers] will carry the real stuff. “If you don’t come to us‚ we will come to you.”

According to Cele‚ the crime statistics of 2017 revealed that 33 people were murdered in the area.

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