Take a real tour through Menzgold’s England office

play videoIsrael Laryea is an editor with the Multimedia Group

A few days ago Joy News’ Israel Laryea took a walk around the London location of Menzgold’s office, filmed a couple of shots and called it a report.

The entire ‘report’ was more of a ‘hit piece’ than an objective news story and to no one’s shock Ghanaians widely derided the video and Laryea became the butt of jokes online.

As an avid GhanaCelebrities.Com reader said in a very interesting mail sent to us, Joy New’s conduct smells like a company with an agenda against Menzgold.

Anyway, Desire Danso took a proper tour of the company’s London office and brings to viewers everything about the place that Israel Laryea refused to show in his ham fisted report.

The company is more than just an office building as Laryea sought to portray and it shows in this report.

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