Helen Zille offered her neighbours earplugs to drown out party noise

Lloyd West responded to Zille’s letter: “Dear Noisy Neighbour‚ With regards to the planned soiree at your residence – no problem. However‚ x2 pairs of earplugs would be wonderful.”

Anthony Williams complained to Zille at about 4am on Thursday morning after being kept awake by the music.

“The abuse of privilege that this constitutes is evident for us all to see‚” Williams wrote.

“It beggars belief that you had the temerity to allow this to take place on a weekday‚ let alone at all‚ and that permission was actually granted by both the Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town to that effect.”

Williams said himself and other neighbours were not informed about the party.

“Absolutely nothing was put in our mail boxes.”

Williams alleged that a police captain was abused and pelted with bottles when she tried to shut down the party.

Zille told TimesLIVE she followed up on these allegations with the police‚ who reported no abuse from the matriculants.

“We had all the permits‚ and all the conditions and requirements were adhered to.”

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