Ex-mistress of ‘wife-killer’ Rob Packham tells judge of ‘harassment’

“He has on numerous occasions disregarded my attorney of record’s demands‚ and now even acted contrary to the prosecutor and the court’s warning not to have any direct or indirect contact with me.

“His contact with me is not desired and unwanted. I feel harassed and intimidated by it.” The woman said she received an SMS on the same evening from a Richard J Hopkins. It read: “My name is Richard. I am an old school friend of Rob. I have been staying with him for a few days. I leave tomorrow.

“He has told me a bit about you two. Today I dropped a gift at your work. He apparently can’t but he wants to.?? Sorry it’s a bit confusing. He said he will explain to me tonight. RH.” The following day she received an e-mail at work from Richard J Hopkins containing details of her relationship with Packham which she believed her ex-lover would not have shared with anyone.

“I believe Rob Packham is using ‘Richard J Hopkins’ as an alias to contact me‚ alternatively‚ I believe that Rob Packham asked this ‘man’ to contact me ‚ therein making indirect contact with me‚” the woman said in the affidavit.

“I felt threatened and intimidated by the content of the email‚ sent as if it was meant to be a silent and tacit warning.”

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