Staff hail Edna Molewa as a fearless fighter against wildlife crime

“It’s exhibited by the many women she has appointed. Anyone of us who worked with her was empowered‚ it is for us to now pick up the baton.

“[She] epitomised authentic leadership‚ she was genuine‚ self-aware‚ mission-driven and results-driven. We can honour her memory by emulating the person she was‚” she said.

Molewa was due to be laid to rest next week after she died at a Pretoria hospital on Saturday. The deputy director general of the department‚ Mark Gordon‚ said Molewa would be remembered for her “commitment and dedication to the rights of the poor”.

In a moving tribute‚ Gordon spoke of Molewa’s dedication‚ passion and tireless efforts over the years and what a great leader and champion she was.

“I had seen her commitment and dedication to the rights of the poor‚ the downtrodden of society.

“She took the plight of waste collectors and recyclers to forge a ‘recycling economy’ for job creation‚” he said.

Gordon said Molewa was passionate about change to people’s lives and restoring their dignity.

“I remember seeing her compassion when she used to drive around seeing them [recyclers] pushing their trolleys during winter mornings. She would say: ‘Mark we need to do something about this’.”

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