Mark Heywood says he held onto Gupta Leaks e-mails for safekeeping

Heywood said the whistle-blowers remained in exile in fear of the “mafia tentacles of the Zupta network”.

“Hopefully one day‚ before too long‚ we will be able to say their names and welcome them back to a safe and more equal SA,” he said.

The whistle-blowers obtained hard drives from Gupta-owned company Sahara Computers which contained sensitive information on how the infamous family‚ their associates and certain Cabinet ministers had captured SA’s parastatals.

A friend told Currin about the hard drive. Currin dealt with issues of whistle-blowers in the apartheid era. He met his friend and one of the whistle-blowers‚ identified as “Stan”. Later on‚ he also met the second whistle-blower‚ “John”.

The whistle-blowers said in their meetings they do not want the information to go to the police or political leaders because they trusted no-one. Currin made copies and left the hard drive with his trusted friend‚ Heywood.

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