Malusi Gigaba and Redi Tlhabi’s Twitter war gets ugly

“YOU had a personal issue of your ex-wife making travel arrangements with your daughter without your consent‚ so you decided ‘I’ll sort this problem out?’ You implemented untested regulations‚ claiming to address child trafficking? Have your regulations brought child trafficking down‚” she said in a long thread posted on Twitter.

The tweets followed shortly after Gigaba announced that the visa regulations‚ which have been blamed for having a negative effect on tourism in South Africa‚ were being relaxed.

On Wednesday night Gigaba tweeted a copy of the proclamation into the stringent child visa laws‚ which he announced in 2015‚ and accused Tlhabi of “using my name to ingratiate yourself to the band of uninformed incorrigible racists you’ve made a career out of sucking up to.”

The document showed that the proclamation was signed in 2014‚ before he was minister of home affairs‚ supporting his version that he simply implemented a law that had already been approved by his predecessor‚ parliament and the president.

“A copy of the proclamation approving the regulations @RediTlhabi saw fit to despicably drag my daughter into. She has until 17h00‚ tomorrow‚ to withdraw and apologise for her malicious lies‚ failing which she will have to start raising money for a hefty damages claim‚” he tweeted.

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