FIFA/CAF Normalization Committee holds first meeting with GHALCA

FIFA/CAF Normalization Committee holds first meeting with GHALCA

The FIFA and CAF normalization committee in charge of Ghana football concluded its first meeting with the Ghana league clubs association on Wednesday, to deliberate on the way forward for Ghana football.

The meeting focused on how to resume football activities in the country which found to a halt in June following the airing of the Anas expose.

The two parties in a joint statement released after the meeting said they had agreed to develop a competition to keep players active in the absence of the Ghana Premier League.

GHALCA Chairman, Kudjoe Fianoo, said the meeting represents another step towards bringing football back in the country.

“This Committee has spent barely a week in office, and they have had their first meeting with the industry players that is the clubs,” he said.

“We as clubs are yearning to resume the industry we have invested in, and the Normalization Committee is also ready to lead us to resume duty.

“We are grateful to them for extending that invitation to us. Its been very beneficial and we will move on from there.”

Below is the Statement:



The Normalization Committee and the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) met on 26 th September, 2018 to discuss the way forward for Ghana Football.

Both parties recognize the need to resume football activities in Ghana and most especially the welfare of players.

The meeting also unanimously agreed on the development of a Competition. Once developed, details will be announced.

Both parties wish to reassure football loving Ghanaians that their game will be back with the excitement and professionalism that it deserves.


MRS. LUCY QUIST                                                                                   KUDJOE FIANOO


By: Citi Sports

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