Cosby risks sentence of up to 10 years

The pioneering comedian and award-winning actor now risks becoming one of the most famous Americans ever sent to prison.

Prosecutors demanded the “maximum” sentence, served in a state prison, together with a $25,000 fine and the full cost of the prosecution.

Defense lawyers argue that Cosby should be restricted to house arrest, arguing that he is too old and too frail — the actor says he is legally blind — to endure the rough and tumble of a correctional facility.

‘No remorse’ 

The actor once adored by millions for his defining role on “The Cosby Show” sat silently in court, dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and patterned tie. He appeared relaxed, at times chatting and smiling with his defense team.

Constand’s parents and sister testified, recalling how traumatic her ordeal at the hands of Cosby had been for the entire family.

Her sister described Constand as “frail,” “timid” and “nervous” after the assault, the opposite of her customary vibrant personality.

Chief prosecutor Kevin Steele castigated Cosby for failing to express any remorse for his crimes.

“He doesn’t believe that he did anything wrong,” Steele told the court, dismissing the argument that Cosby was “too old” to go to jail.

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