‘False plates’ found on car that raced over shopping mall spikes

In the footage‚ two women are seen being confronted by security guards after coming to a stop due to the punctured tyres.

But in a bizarre twist‚ as the driver of the vehicle and her dreadlocked passenger are yanked out of the car‚ she claims not to even know the other woman.

“Open this car‚ open this car‚” the security can be heard shouting at the driver of the vehicle in IsiZulu‚ as she struggles to drive any further with her punctured tyres.

The driver then unlocks the doors but immediately protests her innocence.

“It’s this girl. She told me to drive!” the woman shouts‚ referring to the passenger who is being dragged out of the backseat of the vehicle by her hair.

As security escort the driver away‚ she turns to her passenger and shouts: “Why did you do this?”

“I don’t even know this girl‚” she says to security guards. In response‚ the security guards are heard asking why she drove off. “You are the one who was driving‚” a guard says to her.

She ignores this‚ to direct another remark at her passenger. “Lady‚ what have you done?” Her passenger replies by swearing at her.

Meyer said the two women were handed over to the police. She did not immediately know what exactly had been stolen or how much the goods were worth.

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