Ramaphosa tells diplomats land reform will be ‘orderly’

“This is one of a series of measures we are undertaking to accelerate land reform to correct this historical injustice. In the course of all this‚ we have had the fortune‚ as we did when we drafted our constitution‚ to have hundreds of thousands of our people participating in debate‚” he said.

“We will find a solution to this. And it will be a SA-made solution… We have to deal with various other challenges and one of the key challenges our nation is facing right now is low economic growth and rising prices that is having an adverse affect on our people. Government is addressing this challenge together with our social partners.”

He said SA’s development was “inextricably linked” to that of African regeneration.

“Earlier this year‚ our continent reached a milestone agreement when it established an African Continental Free Trade Area. Our continent’s development however is still undermined by pockets of instability and conflicts‚” he said.

“Since taking office‚ I have undertaken several international missions. These engagements have further consolidated relations between our countries at a political economic level as well as in areas of trade and investment… We are also working hard to improve the performance of our economy‚ to strengthen our government and improve the functioning of our SOEs.”

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