Homeless people face an uphill battle to get Sassa disability grants

Sometimes‚ the CCID reaches out to other shelters and nongovernmental organisations who can agree that their physical address is used. They also assist in taking applicants to have their medical examination.

Shivani Wahab‚ of Sassa‚ said alternative identification can only be used for applicants that have never had an ID book or card. If the applicant had an ID but has lost it‚ they would have to apply for a temporary ID at the department of home affairs.

Warren Ronald Evans is partially blind and homeless. He begs for money at traffic lights in Gardens‚ Cape Town. His ID was stolen and he hasn’t applied for another one.

“If there is no way the government can actually let me be part of the working system then I don’t need the ID. I am quite happy with what I am doing now‚” said Evans.

He said sometimes he meets people who want to help but the problem is he doesn’t have a fixed address. “I don’t have time for Sassa. Besides‚ if I do go then they will say we need this‚ we need that‚” he said.

Gavin Johnson‚ 53‚ said: “When you have a shelter address‚ they help you get a grant very quickly. I can never get one because I don’t have a proof of address. I’m very angry because they don’t feel the pain we’re going through. I was working from the age of 17.”

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