Help me bring my beloved Munchkin home‚ says South African leaving Lagos

“I’ve only really got this week left to raise the money … I am looking at different families at the moment. I’ve got two American families and one Nigerian family that have children.”

Lourenco bought Munchkin in October last year when her driver was taking her home after she went grocery shopping. They were driving down a street in Lagos known for pedlars selling various goods‚ including puppies.

“Many times you see men holding up little puppies in the sun … Usually‚ expats are the ones who buy these dogs from them‚” she said.

She saw a man shaking and berating a dog and Lourenco told her driver to stop and asked the man how much he wanted for the dog.

The man said he did not want to sell the dog and was taking him “to the market”. According to Lourenco‚ this meant he was going to kill the animal.

“I literally looked in my purse and‚ basically‚ threw all the money I had at him and told my driver to‚ ‘Drive. Drive now’. I wasn’t willing to negotiate or pay full price.”

Lourenco took Munchkin to the vet‚ who told her the dog was about three weeks old‚ malnourished and infested with worms.

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