Extramarks launches digital transformative total learning solution in Ghana

General News of Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Source: Extramarks


Tanay Kulshreshtha, Head of Extramarks in Africa taking participants through how the system works

Extramarks- a leading digital learning solutions provider, in collaboration with its partners- Zepto Ghana Ltd and Africa Schools Online launched an innovative e-education solution called Extramarks Total Learning Solution at a high-profile event in Accra, Wednesday.

The event attended by head teachers, parents, educationalists and other key stakeholders revealed a cutting-edge and holistic solution that will transform the approach of teaching and learning in the country- both within the classrooms and at home.

The Extramarks Total Learning Solution is a premium in-class and after-class e-education solution that adopts a student-centric approach to meticulously unpack subject content for Grades K to 12 using a three-pronged approach of Learn. Practice. Test. This approach provides the best pedagogy and technology to create a child-centric teaching and learning environment.

The solution uses interactive tools such as animations, videos and Virtual Lab to make learning easy and engaging. Notably, Extramarks’ Total Learning Solution is aligned to the Cambridge and GES Curriculum as an educative programme to be used in Ghanaian schools and by students for after-school study and exam prep.

The audience at the event in were also excited to learn of new innovative hardware technology solutions, including state-of-the-art interactive panels and laptops, tablets for teachers and students from Zepto Ghana Ltd perfectly integrating with the Extramarks’ Total Learning platform, to create a truly engaging learning environment.

“In this era of technology, the use of innovative education solutions such as the one provided by Extramarks is needed to train students to be resourceful in technology from the onset to meet the fast-changing trends of the future. It is time we harness the digital instincts of 21st century students to engage each one of them in the learning process.” said Tanay Kulshreshtha, the Head of Extramarks in Africa.

Mark Pritchard, General Manager of Zepto Ghana Ltd also said, “In line with our mission of Bringing Technology to Africa and Africa to the Technology, we are delighted to promote this solution in the education space in Ghana to make technology an embedded component of the entire curriculum and to enhance teaching and learning in Ghana”

A major worry of Ghana’s education sector is the disconnection of education tutorship and employment especially with the technological trend.

“Extramarks’ Total Learning Solution is a great choice for educationalists to create a new teaching and learning environment to match up student skills to future career needs,” said Abel Ohene Acquaye, Executive Director of Africa Schools Online.

The Extramarks’ Total Learning Solution will also be launched to schools in the central part of Ghana on June 14th at an event which will take place at the Golden Bean Hotel in Kumasi.

About Extramarks

Extramarks is a new-age digital learning solutions provider that offers the best of pedagogy and technology to create an engaging, child-centric teaching-learning environment in classrooms and at home. It offers end-to-end education support system to learners and teacher of grades K to 12 through curriculum-aligned digital learning solutions. These learning solutions are used by schools for classroom teaching and by learners for self-learning at home. Keeping pace with today’s globalisation and technological changes in education, Extramarks empowers young learners to step-in with the latest technology and have anytime-anywhere access to quality learning. Globally, Extramarks has become extremely popular with more than 9 000 schools and 9 million learners adopting its digital learning solutions worldwide.

About Zepto Ghana Ltd

Zepto Ghana Ltd is an IT firm with the mission of “Bringing Technology to Africa and Africa to the Technology”. It does this by providing innovative software and quality affordable hardware devices for end-to-end solutions to organizations and Governments across West Africa. For more information, check their website at www.zeptoonline.com

About Africa School Online

Africa School Online is a data, research and media firm based in Accra, Ghana. The platform provides current and updated information on schools at all levels, from creche through to tertiary as well as information on relevant education news, events and scholarships. Coupled with the tech platforms Africa Schools Online and Quick Apply Africa, they host annual events such as Higher Education Fairs and EduSummits to bridge the education gap through technology, events and data. For more information, check their website at www.africaschoolsonline.com


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