Ernest Opoku advises fellow gospel musicians and Ghanaians

Entertainment of Thursday, 17 May 2018



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Ernest Opoku’s recent problems with pregnant ex-girlfriend, actress and producer, Gladys Boaku aka Nayas has been the talk on social media after the latter lashed him on Adom FM last Monday.

Their problems have been met with mixed reactions, eventually leading to a number of conclusions.

Others however, have bashed the lady for behaving like a villager, while others have bashed Ernest for ‘chopping’ anything he finds in a skirt—and thus deserve to go through these to learn some lessons.

Well, wherever your opinion may stand, chanced on a video where Ernest was vigorously sharing some pieces of advice to all Ghanaians especially his fellow gospel musicians.

According to Ernest, everyone should humble him/herself because for wherever ‘level’ you think you have gotten to — someone got there before you.

“Someone was a musician before you, so humble yourself.No matter where you are or what God has given to you- You need to humble yourself. Because of pride, some people have remained where they are and are not improving in their lives.”He stated

He continued that because of his humble beginnings, nothing will make him proud and he will continue to stay humble.

He reserved some ‘lashes’ for some of his fellow musicians, where he criticized them for being proud because of one or two miraculous impact their songs have had on their audience.

In a nutshell, he encouraged all people to stay humble no matter where they have gotten to.

Watch the video below:

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