Presidency, National Security fingered in the operation of fake Facebook pages

General News of Wednesday, 16 May 2018



Musician A Plus is accusing the security agencies of neglecting their duties

The Presidency, the National Security apparatus and top Police hierarchy are being accused of being complicit in the creation of numerous ‘fake’ social media accounts in the name of prominent citizens “to own their voices” on social media by impersonating them particularly using Facebook; can report.

This allegation is coming from Kwame A’Plus, a musician and sympathizer of the ruling party (NPP), who in a Live Facebook video on May 12, named these institutions as being the ones who have made him their latest victim by “attempting to own his voice” to say things “I have not said because they have an agenda”, using fake facebook accounts.

A’Plus said he has reported the issue severally to the Police because some of the pages could be traced through simple technology but for six months since he reported, nothing has come out of it, and to him, the reason why the Security apparatus are not taking action on it is that the Police, the National Security, and ‘Flagstaff House people’ have “an interest” in maintaining operation of those accounts using their surrogates in the media to pick those facebook posts to make news out of them.

He cites himself as a scapegoat because people have created a fake account in his name and image and despite reports to the Police, the page is not being taken down as it continues to portray him. “Who should I go and blame?

“I am accusing them of creating those pages to serve their own agenda!” he thundered.

He accused the National Security, Police, and “the Flagstaff House people” of “knowing something” about the creation of accounts in the name of the Chief Justice, The Inspector General of Police among others.

“The peopel wey they dey run that page, some dey flagstaff house, some dey police headquarters, some dey National Security…” He said.

“I don’t fear anybody in this country.” He added.

IGP against fake accounts

Inspector General of Police (IGP), David Asante-Apeatu has warned the law will deal with any Ghanaian caught hiding behind social media to commit crimes.

The police chief said his men and women are working to apprehend persons behind fraud and other identity thefts conducted on the new media.

At a news conference to unveil the new website of the Ghana Police Service and its social media handles in Accra, Mr Asante-Apeatu said the police were ready to combat crimes on all front.

“Those who hide behind the anonymity of social media to commit crimes such as fraud and related identity thefts should desist from such acts before the law catches up on them,” Mr Asante-Apeatu said.

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